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What Can I Do With Grumie?

Upload your music or any music you have the permission from the owner to share with your fans. As your song is downloaded, your account is credited. You can make your song available for Free or Paid. In otherwords, Users pay you as your song is downloaded. Also, Uploading your content to Grumie is FREE. Delete, edit and upload your music as you see fit. The power is in your hands. You are in control of what you do with your music as long as it does not violate any of our Terms and Conditions.

Promote your music, brand, record label and music videos with us. Tap into our wide connection of Social Media Influencers and become a household name all over the country.

Follow our Music Chart section where the most downloaded songs on our platform are ranked and shown. We also post the Top 10 songs in Naija and The US.

For more information on how to activate and monetize your account, go to Grumie Pay Or Speak to us through our Contact Us page.

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Finish, you are set.

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Upload your Music

All you need to start uploading your awesome songs and share with the world is just to create and account and start sharing your songs with the world. As simple as that!.

Promote your Brand

Create promotional campaigns and grow your fan base. Our promotion campaigns are budget friendly, Effective and easy to set up. You are a few clicks away from Super stardom.

Music Charts

We also have a music chart section where you can view the most downloaded songs on grumie for the week. Added are also the Us top 10 songs and Naija top 10 songs for the week.


Stay up to date with the latest entertainment gists in Naija and all over the world. From music to movies, arts and a bit of celebrity gossip yeah(wink!), we got you covered.

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