Frequently Asked Questions

Grumie Pay is a system that allows you to make money from your uploaded music.
You make money when users download your music. when you upload your songs, you have the option of selecting free or paid, if you select paid, users will pay a fixed amount when they click to download your music.
Go to your profile page, click the button that reads "Activate Grumie Pay" and perform the following steps:
  1. Fill up the fields i.e the bank name, account name and account number then click the Submit button.
  2. Your Grumie Pay Code will be sent to your mail after which you will enter the code given to you and click submit again.
  3. Make Sure you enter the right code to avoid payment errors.
  4. That's it. You can now start making money from your downloads. No more hassle.
Thank you as you enjoy our services. if you need further instructions, go to Our Contact Page for and talk or chat with our customer care representatives.
Grumie Pay is absolutely free to use. Register now and start making money.
Downloads are charged at a fixed price of ₦10 per download. We charge a commission of 30% per download. Meaning you make ₦7 per download. Payment Gateway charges are not charged to you and there are no hidden charges, you get to keep all your money.
No. Any verified bank account in Nigeria will suffice.
You get credited in 24 hrs after download. Wake up every morning to the sound of your bank alert *wink*
The payments are not made to us. They are done through a secure Payment Gateway called PayStack. They handle the payment process, from the point of payment, they will take 1.5% commission which would be charged from our 30%, we take ours and your 70% would be processed and sent to you. Nobody touches or has access to anybody's money.

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